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Sechenov University Студенческое научное общество
Medical Spring 2024
International youth scientific forum
May 16-17 2024 Sechenov Univercity, Moscow

Oral Presentation Requirements

  1. The title of your presentation should correspond verbatim to the topic of your abstracts sent through the Conference website for participation in the correspondence stage.
  2. The presentation may only be made and demonstrated in the official language of the Conference.
  3. The time limit for the presentation of the participants of the Scientific and Practical Conference provides for the defense of the research work (duration 5 minutes) and the subsequent discussion on the topic of the report up to 3 minutes.
  4. Slide No. 1 should contain the following information: a. Name of the university and department where the work was done (font size – at least 24 pt); b. Title of the paper (font size – at least 28pt, bold); c. Full names of the author and co-authors (font size – at least 24 pt); d. Full name, academic degree, title, position of the supervisor (font size – at least 24 pt).
  5. Slide No. 2 should describe the tasks that need to be solved in the course of the work (the total volume of the slide is no more than 15 lines of text).
  6. The last slide used in the report should contain conclusions (conclusions) on the work done.
  7. All slides (except the first one) must contain a serial number located in the upper right corner (font size – at least 20 pt).
  8. Each slide (except the first one) must have a title typed in a font of at least 24 pt.
  9. The preferred design of the presentation is the use of "light" color schemes
  10. text on a dark background" or "dark text on a white background".
  11. The allowed font size is at least 20pt, the recommended ≥ is 24pt.
  12. The maximum amount of text information on one slide is 15 lines of text typed by PT Serif 28 pt.
  13. The maximum amount of graphic information on one slide is 2 drawings
  14. (photos, diagrams, etc.) with text comments (no more than 2 lines each).
  15. It is desirable that there are margins on the slides, at least 1 cm on each side.
  16. The use of sound effects during the presentation is not allowed.
  17. The presentation file must be made in MS PowerPoint in the .ppt extension, or in a program that performs similar functions. Such a file should either be opened in MS PowerPoint or be able to be viewed without the use of third-party programs. In the latter case, the file should be able to access ANY of the presentation slides in any order.
  18. Information about the procedure and time for submitting presentations to the Organizing Committee of the Conference will be sent to the e-mail address specified by you during registration.
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