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Sechenov University Студенческое научное общество
Medical Spring 2024
International youth scientific forum
May 16-17 2024 Sechenov Univercity, Moscow

Abstract Submission Rules

  1. Do not resubmit the same abstracts.
  2. The number of student authors of one work is no more than three, the work is sent through the site by one of the authors, indicating all co-authors. There are no restrictions on the number of supervisors of one scientific paper.
  3. The same author with different works may not submit his/her works to more than one section of the Conference.
  4. Once your abstract is submitted, no changes can be made other than those recommended by the experts.
  5. Wait for an official notification from the organizing committee. Notifications about the result will be sent to the e-mail address specified during registration.
  6. The text must be verified and free of errors. The author and his supervisor are responsible for the reliability of the data and the scientific content of the work. The text of the abstract should not contain tables and figures.
  7. Only standard abbreviations can be used in the text, and they must be transcribed when used for the first time.
  8. Abstracts that do not meet the requirements mentioned above and are sent later than 23:59 Moscow time on March 15, 2023 will not be accepted for consideration.
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