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Sechenov University Студенческое научное общество
Medical Spring 2024
International youth scientific forum
May 16-17 2024 Sechenov Univercity, Moscow

Requirements for poster design

  1. The poster should be presented in the form of an A1 sheet (841 x 594 mm) or a roll-up.
  2. We recommend using the Power Point program for creation.
  3. Orientation - vertical,
  4. You can use Times New Roman, PT Serif, Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, Verdana, or Symbol fonts. Font size ≥ 14. The title of the work should be bolded.
  5. All participants print the posters themselves.
  6. Poster materials should contain the following sections:
    1. title, including the title of the report, full name and place of work/study of the authors, supervisor;
    2. Introduction (optional)
    3. relevance, goals and objectives of the work performed;
    4. research methodology;
    5. outcomes;
    6. findings;
    7. information on implementation in production or scientific activities (if any)
  7. The format of figures, tables, the height of letters, the thickness of lines on graphs, etc., should ensure the possibility of unhindered reading. For greater clarity, highlighting is allowed. At the same time, excessive "variegation" should be avoided.
  8. Figures and tables should have titles.
  9. Indication of the source of funding or lack thereof is mandatory.
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